Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Theme reverted due to ublock orgin issues

We had to revert our theme back to the previous one until ublock origin or whatever filter list they use is fixed. Sorry for any issues. Thanks

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Onedrive has a aria problem (and no it's not the casino!)

I woke up to check on my PRTG status, as I'm testing some networking hardware and I got a critical warning that the PRTG server was stopped due to low disk spae and I was like "wtf I have at least 150GB free on my SSD" and low and behold I searched for "gigantic" file size on the windows search and BOOM! A 140gb ARIA DEBUG LOG FILE! I promptly looked to see what it was and it was ONEDRIVE MAKING THOSE YUGE FILES!

So then I have to close onedrive down and do the reset thing that's on this forum: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-files-winpc/aria-debug-log-files-took-all-free-disk-space/15bcfd42-2627-4c03-8342-5c2500f2ec42

and then I manually delete the aria debug files... 

this frustrates me because I lost critical test data from PRTG!!! 

Microsoft has some splaining to do! 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Amazon Prime Now review 6.21.17

Prime now delivery review 6.21.17

Intro: Service is for people that need stuff quick, but might not be able to go out much, specially in the summer heat which is very taxing on you. You can sit comfy in your house and order a lot of stuff and kick back and wait for your package. Sounds great huh? Well read on!

Order details: I wanted to obtain some spirits because mine got crushed by a few people.

Ease of use: Very easy to place the order. Also has tracking in almost real time on a map on the order status page. Kinda like the Drizzly or Uber apps.

Selection: Could use more selections in the USB drive section and I couldn't find a decent one to add to my spirits order so I left that out. I will try it later once I can. However it's great for grocery items and it's cheaper than burning gas money to get to the grocery stores.

Order accuracy: Not much to report. Got what I wanted.

Driver: Was pretty fast and easy to interact with. Not much communication and was quick. Tipped $5

Special notes on spirits/liquor/wine: Proof is limited to 42 proof (22%) just like grocery stores like Kroger, Giant Eagle, etc. So don't expect anything hard here.

Overall: 7.5/10 due to low alky content for drinkers, but a very valuable service, nonetheless. Will update as I order other things and see how they fare.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

New layout changes and some commenting changes

We decided to change the layout and attempt to get Disqus comments working again, as people have told us that they haven't been working for a couple-three months, well it still is failing to work even on different layouts, code edits, etc. So we are forced to use the default comment system for now...

I know it's frustrating not being able to log in with FB,twitter, etc... however please be patient and if you have something urgent to say, please take the time to register or use google/openID/etc for the time being while Disqus/Google work on their issues.

So sorry for the trouble with this, however it seems beyond our control, as we have worked hours on this and no luck.

Also please feel free to send feedback on the new layout. I like it so far, however, this blog is here for YOU so feel free to submit feedback!

Thank you for visiting and we will get back to writing our very detailed and awesome reviews soon! (we are working on better test methods and getting better test hardware and software as well!)

Monday, January 9, 2017

Microsoft outlook.com/live: a note to the devs

Microsoft outlook.com/live: a note to the devs

First when I started out using this service the mobile website was very fast, minimal drain on resources and data. It was easy to use and no nonsense. Just email in a quick web UI without the bloat of an email app. It was great and it was a decent go-to email experience. No need to have apps that took up lots of space on my phone, no battery drain, was quick to use even while passed out.

Now they totally ruined the experience. It's bloated, takes 3 steps to sign in instead of just 1, the interface takes forever to load, and scrolling thru lists of thousands of emails a day is tedious and it is so slow loading even over wifi and ATT LTE connections! If you have a 3G connection you are crap out of luck! Might as well send snail mail and it would get there faster. The interface takes a long time to load stupid transistions and animations we don't need or want, we don't need our email interface to do a song and dance for us. We just need quick non-boggy-app access to our email. Nothing more.

My latest gripe: I needed to get a UPS tracking number to ship out a package and I had a limited time to do it. The UPS place here only has 2 customer hours. The app took a staggering 20 minutes from me signing in to scrolling down a long list, and then taking a very long time to load the transition to the email message to tap on it to access the UPS tracking number! 20 FREAKING MINUTES! This was over 3bar ATT LTE! It should have taken SECONDS instead!

We do not need our interfaces to entertain us. We want them to be fast, slim, and not bloated and give us MORE time to do what we need not LESS.

I don't know what went thru Microsoft's head on this one. If they think people need to be entertained by thier interfaces they are wrong. Those that feel the need to be entertained by thier software/app's interface need a life.

And no I'm not using an achient Android 2.x series phone I have an S4 with Cyanogenmod 12.1 so it's not that old.