Friday, October 30, 2009

Society has come to a new low!

When Miley Cyrus broke up with Twitter, hundreds of cities flooded from the gallons of tears coming out of the eyes of tweens everywhere. The world hasn't been the same. Tragic. And now the life of an innocent cat named Fuzzy may also end in tragedy. That's if you believe this website/Twitter account claiming that if Miley doesn't make a triumphant return to Twitter, Fuzzy will be chopped, sauteed and devoured. Yes, some loontardian is threatening to kill their cat over Miley Cyrus. I'll let them explain:

The other day I asked myself: 'What can I do to bring Miley back to Twitter?' Fan video? Petitions? Letters? That never works. Heck, Miley even made her own video about never wanting to use Twitter again. Then I looked at my cat, Fuzzy and I realized, maybe Fuzzy can help. Fuzzy can make the ultimate sacrifice for this cause. It was very difficult for me, you see, as I sincerely love Fuzzy. But my mind is made up. I could always get another cat, but nothing can replace Miley's tweets for me!

The idea is very simple. I've set a deadline of November 16, 2009, when Fuzzy will part with his life and become a meal. I do not consider myself a cruel person and I do love my cat. Fuzzy will receive quick and swift death and I'll try to minimize his suffering.

Let me clarify: This is NOT a prank or a hoax. I am not joking, even if some will choose to interpret it that way. Cooking a cat is not illegal in my country, in fact it's part of our culture. I'm not asking for money or any other benefit. Fuzzy is my cat and I will not entertain any offers of selling or giving him away. If Miley doesn't tweet again, this WILL happen, and I'm as serious as a heart attack.




Who in the freking hell would do this to an animal over some celeb they should not give one rats ass about is beyond anything. This is the most maddening thing to do to an animal. The animal services should take the cat away asap and lock this cretin up for life.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

poetry corner-1

Grass-written by: RemixedCat

this is a poem that sucks ass
this is a poem about grass

it is green it is long it is tall it is wide
this poem sucks cause I can't decide

what else to put in here
I think you need a beer

to deal with some kinda peeps
that makes you itch and get the creeps

and I hate marshmallow peeps!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Trapped Rainbows:Applications for Quantum Computing?

Light can be slowed down so that a beam of sunlight can travel at a leisurely stroll, be brought to a standstill, or even stored

for later use in the form of a rainbow.

Today, details of an exotic kind of material that can slow light from its top speed of around one million million metres per hour

so that it can be trapped as a crescent of colour is published by a team that suggests if could mark a revolution in computing.

This remarkable feat could allow "broadband storage" for "broadband computing" capable of much greater power than conventional

silicon chips because it can process information in the form of many light beams simultaneously, just as optical fibres can carry

lots of conversations simultaneously. And it could also mark an advance in quantum computing, named after the strange quantum

properties of matter at the atomic level, that could enhance the power of computers millions of times beyond anything available


The extraordinary feat of optical sorcery is described today in the journal Nature by Prof Ortwin Hess and Kosmas Tsakmakidis at

the University of Surrey, working with Professor Alan Boardman from Salford University.

Once theory is turned into reality, the technique will allow the use of light rather than electrons to store memory in devices

such as computers. The team predicts an increase in operating capacity of 1,000% over the use of conventional electronics by

exploiting light's broad spectrum to lay down lots of different information simultaneously in the first "optical capacitor."

Slow light could also, paradoxically, be used to increase the speed of optical networks, such as the Internet. At major

interconnection points, where billions of parcels of information from myriad phone calls arrive simultaneously, these materials

could be used to slow, divert and allow through information, working in the same way as traffic congestion calming schemes do on

motorways, when a reduction in the speed limit can lead to a swifter overall flow of traffic.

Previous attempts to slow and capture light have until now required extremely low temperatures, have been extremely costly, and

have only worked with one specific frequency of light at a time. The new technique proposed by Prof Hess and Kosmas Tsakmakidis

involves the use of exotic "metamaterials" with extraordinary optical properties.

These materials, which consist of carefully-designed shards of metal a billionth of a metre across (nanometres), have the strange

property of negative refraction, which means that light bends in the opposite direction to the way it shifts when passing from one

ordinary material into another (think of how a straight stick in water looks bent.) This means that, in theory at least, a

metamaterial could be designed so that light would curve around it, making the object invisible, an idea already under serious

study for cloaking devices. When combined with the "Goos Hänchen effect," where light can even go backwards, Prof Hess's team has

shown it is possible to use metamaterials to halt a light beam in its tracks.

As different component 'colours' of white light have different frequencies (colours) each individual frequency be stopped at a

different stage of a wedge of such material, he said, likening the way the light slows down to walking on shingle. At the point

that every step of the light beam forward leads to an equivalent slip backwards in the metamaterial, an effect that depends on the

colour of the light.

The result is a 'trapped rainbow'. "The key to understanding the trapping of the rainbow," he says, "is that every frequency of a

white light wave packet has in a tapered shape of metamaterial its own particular width where it eventually stops – the result is

the spatial spread of stopped/trapped light – the trapped rainbow." Prof Hess said that an onlooker could in an appropriate

arrangement of metamaterial layers (as shown here) see the rainbow of trapped light.

This ability to store light will conceivably provide a powerful new tool to control optical information, even harness the quantum

properties of atoms, and so exploit the possibilities of quantum computers that, in theory, will be able solve problems millions

of times faster than current machines.

The extraordinary properties of quantum computers were first explored by theorists such as the late Richard Feynman at Caltech and

David Deutsch of Oxford University. While a conventional PC shuffles information in the form of binary numbers, those containing

only the digits 1 and 0, which it remembers as the "on" and "off" positions of tiny switches, or "bits."

By contrast, the switches in a quantum computer can be both "on" and "off" at the same time. A "qubit" could do two calculations

at once, two qubits would do four and so on. Thus, it was theoretically possible to use quantum computers to explore vast numbers

of potential solutions to a problem simultaneously. The new work, which suggests a way to create optical qubits, adds to a range

of recent advances that make scientists confident that quantum computers will be feasible within a few years.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Windows System Resource Manager

does this have any benifit using it locally to control apps or is this good only for "server" apps. I would love to use this to contain photoshop and its nasty leakage as well as other apps like IE. Can this work locally?

I will post some wiki info right here to get everyone the gist of it:

"Windows System Resource Manager (WSRM) is a component of Microsoft's Windows Server 2008 operating systems that provides resource management and enables the allocation of resources, including processor and memory resources, among multiple applications based on business priorities. It is also available as a downloadable add-on for Windows Server 2003 Enterprise and Datacenter editions.

WSRM enables users to manage CPU and memory utilization on a per process basis. An administrator sets targets for the amount of hardware resources that running applications or users are allowed to consume. It can allocate resources among multiple applications on a server according to defined policies.

This can be helpful in a corporate environment when, for example, your well-behaved application software has to co-exist with an application that has a memory leak. Without protection such as afforded by WSRM, your application will run more slowly and/or crash, because the misbehaving application will eventually cause problems that affect every application that shares its memory space. Thanks to the WSRM, a software application can be limited to an isolated subset of hardware resources. As a result of this, the bad effects caused by the memory leak will be limited to that subset. Hardware partitioning can also solve the problem, but it is a far more complex solution."

Here's my experince with it!
I tried this and applied it to IE8 and now I got instant bloat control! If one tab uses over 500MB of commit charge (paging file only usage amount) then it will shut down that tab and then IE8 auto recovers it! That utility is awesome! it also helps reduce thrashing by doing this.

keep track of commit charge by enabling it in task manager. go to view columns enable the commit size one! if you notice this going up in a process kill it! This will help remedy the thrashing problems. I did this and my system is so sexy smooth now! LOLz.

this is a must install for those running server 2008 and do not have very much ram and/or multitask tons like I do. ;)

also doing this tells you that most websites are the source of the bloat rather then the browser or the OS! Please keep this in mind webmasters out there. You opened the code now close it and be polite. we don't want to have to resort to above methods to deal with you! MS provides the code on technet/msdn if you look hard enough! Most webmasters forget that when they code a site they are coding a mini application so the same rules apply. make the responsibly! you still have to close the memory like a normal .exe application! do this and people (and compies) will be much happier!

Oh BTW on youtube I watch 5 videos and the process on WSRM kicks in and kills it! this is just in one tab alone! The ram usage is 320MB and the commit charge is a staggering 500MB+!!!!! ADOBE NEEDS TO SHAPE UP AND GET FLASH TO NOT BE SO BLOATED!!!!

this is my usage when running IE8 with 25 tabs inclusing Bing maps and Google street view after watching 8 youtube vids:

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Q and A With RemixedCat

Hobbies:Science/Computers/Cats!/Graphics/Gaming/Architecture/Music/Cooking/Asian Cultures/Anime/CGI/Dancing/Traveling/Geeking out/Astronomy/Animals/Nature/Cosplay/

Favorite Foods: Asian/Salads/Ice cream/Chocolate!/Seafood/

Fav Time of day: Evening/Night

Favorite Games :Oblivion/Fallout3/AssAssin's creed/Half life series/Portal/Final fantasy games/MMOs/RPGs/RTS/Sauerbraten map editing/

Favorite animal:Cats/Reptiles/

Fav Season:Winter/Fall

Fav Music: Trance/J-Pop/K-Pop/J-Tek/Dance/NRG/Euro-Dance/Wierd stuff/

Fav weather: Overcats(meow!)/Rainy/Storms!

Fav clothing style: Raver/Harajuku/Funky/Futuristic/Lolita

And what you do not like:

Hated foods: Italian high calorie foods/Breads/Most american food

hated time of day: Mornings when I can't sleep

Hated Games: Ninendo wii games/Baby games/Games with no freedom/Alot of EA Games/Sonic games lately

hated season: Summer (becuase I'm heat sensitive)

Hated music: Country/mainstream pop music/Rap/Oldies that are too squeaky

Hated weather: Overly constant sunny days

Hated clothing style: what celebs are wearing as of 01/Feb/09/ 80's clothes/jeans/"professional clothing"

System Specs: AMD Phenom X4 9550/Nvidia 8800GT GPU 1GB/2GB RAM/500GB HD/Windows Server 2008 x64 Enterprise Workstation-XPSP3 dual boot

Monday, September 28, 2009

Favorite Elder Scrolls:Oblivion Cities

fav oblivion cities: (per web surveys and forums)(in order of most to least favorite)



*Imperial City






here's my opinions on those cities:

Anvil-Cheapest house that is really neat. I love the look of it.I like the architecture. I don't like the sailor vibe of it. Way too bright for my photophobic vampire char.

Skingrad-very good building layouts, they use maximum square footage. Nice style. But it is too dense to feel comfy in and the layout is strange

*Imperial City-It's imperial and a city-but where's the bustle! it's a capital city so it should be very lively and crowded! No life there. seems static

Cheydenhall-Dark brotherhood FTW!!!, nice buildings too, but it seems like this was the first city they done becuase the buildings look huge but the insides are way too small for what the buildings look like. they got the proportions wrong. I love the bridges over the water and the whimsical look.

Bruma-Awesome calm snowy place. Very nice feel to it. I love the cloud ruler temple. I think they should have added more quests to this area. Not enough to bring you up here alot.

Chorrol-earthly and comfy place, nice weather and nice friendly vibe to it. a very accessible city in many terms. great layout and architecture

Bravil-Kinda run down place. Looks like it needs some help. Good mages guild there and the skooma den!!!

leyawin-I love the mysty vibe this place has. It shrouds the place in mystery and makes it seem intriguing. I love the architecture. The weather is overcast and would be good for a goth. Feels relaxed. But there are some shady dealings there with the blackwood company and all. Very moist area.

Overall I have no real fav I like them all in thier own ways.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

simtropolis: are you going to buy cities xl??

A half of a city-buillder game where you gotta pay monthly to gain access to features the game should have had in the first place is beyond me. It is pretty hard to support a company that puts making money and jumping on the 'web 2.0' social bandwagon over ,making a decent game. I am surely dissapointed. I was whole heartedly trying to like this game. I honestly tried to like it. But you can only be so nice before you start lying to yourself.

I guess the recent cream of crop "accessible" games have made the industry brain dead and make crappy games all in the need to be 'accessible' the the dumbed down masses that play WoW and still need quest help even though the game totally walks you through it and even has the exclamation marks and question marks for start and end quests.... and having sparklies where the quest item is.......

if that does not tell you anything about how dumbed down the masses of players are right now than the gaming industry is at its doom.

people need to grow brains and accept challenges in games and stop expecting games to hold your hand the whole time. If it comes to the point where the whole game is a big set of "quick time events" (press "A" to stab enemy with sword, now press B to jump, now move the right arrow key to steer your tank to the right") Then I fear for humanity.

It so seems that alot of hardcore challenges are being replaced with instant gratification and "bling" factors. WoW was nerfed to hell and back .

I was actually expecting a next gen CB game and all I got was a lousy avatar with a T shirt

Saturday, September 26, 2009

gamer personality quiz

here's mine:

Woah check this out! First ever 3D movie EVER!!! attempted in 1978! Works was to be the first entirely 3D computer animated film, created by the Computer Graphics Lab, but it was never completed. The name was inspired by the original meaning of the word "robot", which means "work" in many Slavic languages. It was started in either 1978 or 1979, and was worked on until 1986. It was originally intended to be around 90 minutes long, but only a few minutes were ever produced. However, these film sequences were very impressive considering the state of the technology at the time. A trailer of the movie was shown on SIGGRAPH in 1982. The project also resulted in famous computer animations such as 3DV, Sunstone, Inside a Quark and some segments of the short movie The Magic Egg from 1984.

here's some pics from it:

Why do cats purr???

Leslie A. Lyons, an assistant professor at the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of California, Davis, explains.

Over the course of evolution, purring has probably offered some selective advantage to cats. Most felid species produce a "purr-like" vocalization. In domestic cats, purring is most noticeable when an animal is nursing her kittens or when humans provide social contact via petting, stroking or feeding. Although we assume that a cat¿s purr is an expression of pleasure or is a means of communication with its young, perhaps the reasons for purring can be deciphered from the more stressful moments in a cat¿s life.

Cats often purr while under duress, such as during a visit to the veterinarian or when recovering from injury. Thus, not all purring cats appear to be content or pleased with their current circumstances. This riddle has lead researchers to investigate how cats purr, which is also still under debate. Scientists have demonstrated that cats produce the purr through intermittent signaling of the laryngeal and diaphragmatic muscles. Cats purr during both inhalation and exhalation with a consistent pattern and frequency between 25 and 150 Hertz. Various investigators have shown that sound frequencies in this range can improve bone density and promote healing. This association between the frequencies of cats' purrs and improved healing of bones and muscles may provide help for some humans.

Bone density loss and muscle atrophy is a serious concern for astronauts during extended periods at zero gravity. Their musculo-skeletal systems do not experience the normal stresses of physical activity, including routine standing or sitting, which requires strength for posture control. Because cats have adapted to conserve energy via long periods of rest and sleep, it is possible that purring is a low energy mechanism that stimulates muscles and bones without a lot of energy.

The durability of the cat has facilitated the notion that cats have "nine lives" and a common veterinary legend holds that cats are able to reassemble their bones when placed in the same room with all their parts. Purring may provide a basis for this feline mythology. The domestication and breeding of fancy cats occurred relatively recently compared to other pets and domesticated species, thus cats do not display as many muscle and bone abnormalities as their more strongly selected carnivore relative, the domestic dog. Perhaps cats' purring helps alleviate the dysplasia or osteoporotic conditions that are more common in their canid cousins. Although it is tempting to state that cats purr because they are happy, it is more plausible that cat purring is a means of communication and a potential source of self-healing.

Architecture WIN:Part2

Yet some more win arctitecture! this time for cats!

Architecture WIN:Part1

Architecture Fail:Part1

I had an idea: to compile the weirdest in the world of architecture and put it here!
this apartment for instance:
and here's one key picture from it:

wouldn't you fall flat on your face to get up for the crying baby at 2AM? Or if you are very tired and you fall down the stairs, wake the baby, and shit yourself becuase you had to take care of the crying, scared baby instead of going to the pot. Oh dear. That would be funny to see that.
and no hanky-panky on that bed! don't wanna fall on the baby. Wow how could an architect who is "experienced" overlook this!
so this concludes this post.

PWNAGETECH:Unlocking Your GPS!

I shall have a PWNAGETECH Article here showcasing tech finds that I find interesting and awesomes:
Today I shall start with this:
If you have a windowsCE based GPS unit (sorry tom-tom and garmin can't join in the fun they are based on linux so they can't join the party) you can basically turn your GPS into a full featured PDA and run most windows apps, as long as thier are compatible with the winCE/winMobile stack.

You can play games, watch movies, play music, and even do MS office stuff and paint with your GPS now! This makes it even more worth the 150 or so you paid for it!
I would definitly get this if I had a GPS unit! Makes it alot more fun to play with.

Using this does NOT REPLACE FIRMWARE. it is simple a gateway to the OS since the OS is hidden becuase the nav software on the unit is running fullscreen and there is no way to "minimize" the app, all this does is let you access the underlying OS that really powers your GPS unit. This is totally safe.
This works for MIO/Magellan/Sanyo (what my mom has)/and many others.
try this to pimp your GPS!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Adobe Sucks

Grr this is maddening..... adobe does not have any 64 bit browser support (you must run it in 32 bit browser)! WTF?! how is stuff going to advance if the asshole companies don't support it. I am sick of 32 bit we need 64 bit. and if you don't know anything about it that system you just got with 4GB+ ram will be useless to a 32bit OS... well you can only use 3GB of that ram witch if you want to run more apps at once or future apps and games that is going to amount to nothing but headcrab zombies. It pisses me off how people will not let xp32 go they are clinging to it like a lost puppy to a bone. Most people don't know bout server 2008 or server 2003 I guess and more people should know about it. Use it and use it for 64bit mode. also running a 32 bit OS on 64bit hardware causes alot of problems and often times restarts unexpectedly, apps not loading all thier features... and the most irritating thing I've had..... when you have too many IE or FF tabs nothing else seems to want to load and PS does not load right. it loads half the UI and quits loading the rest. Even though I have 2GB or and and not beyond the 3GB limit. Please keep this in mind.

this is adobe's response: is laughable at best. They have been saying the same thing since version 7! that the next version would support it.... but noooooooooo they have to be lazy about it.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

My animeplanet siggy!

remixedcat's anime, manga, reviews, recommendations, blogs and lists at Anime-Planet

Click on my siggy to see what anime I am into and have watched. I've watched alot of it! I love it!

I am currently watching Sgt Frog right now and it's very funny slice of life and general crazy anime

Here's the link to the wiki for it:

First post in a varrry long time....

Damn it's been a while!

I've been through alot, but I'm not gonna post much personal details on this site. :)

I will update you all on a few things ;)

I have changed my mind on the obama adminstration, he needs to clean the congress out because it's full of panderers. I'm not going to go too deep into the political commentary though.

Another thing is I've gotten Windows Server 2008 x64 Enterprise Workstion (very long winded!) I've gotten it at the beginning of november actually! and it's a very solid OS I have had uptimes of 4 months average and only been taken down by one driver update and 3 power outages. pretty damn awesome for a windows operating system. I guess the server division of MS isn't that bad.

my screenshot!!!

Larger one:

There's a website at that will tell you how to get the tricked out workstation experince without the vista bloat!

Not much elese is going on. :) I hope that you are doing excellent!

Who all is stressed out about the BS???

Who all is stressed out from all the BS that is going on lately?

I am.

I am having alot of nervous breadowns and I am scared an nervous all the time. I have never felt so helpless. I am soooo tired of all this BS and we need to get out of this mess before it is too late. I feel everyone is down more then ever and ever so confused. This country has been torn apart and we need to put it together. We need to restore the nice vibes everyone had becuase they used to be great. people nowadays are paranoid, depressed, distressed, and scared and sad. We need to come together again and heal our wounds.

People are turning away from the things that used to matter the most to them and even questionin thier own faiths in everything. People don't even know themselves anymore it seems. I have gone though so much the past years I feel like I should have a full head of grey hair by now. I am left wishing and hoping we all come into the light and come together. I am sad and struck down but I am not going to be for long, we are not going to go out like lightning on a lost wolf in a cold dark forest.

We must try to do whatever is in our power to help everyone. I fear for the young people, I fear for the troubled, I feel that our strength has doubled and we need to defeat what is holding us down!

If all hell breaks loose let's all go out with a BANG!!!! If we go down we will take the assholes with us!

My personality type:

Click to view my Personality Profile page

I see two tigers....

I see two tigers divided in a world that destroyed their habitat, they are grieving and wishing that we have not destroyed there home and they are looking towards the opposite directions because they are looking at the directions we have taken to destroy them, through habitat and furs/hunting. they are dead and they are disgusted at what we have done to their domain. the shadows of the background symbolize the shadows of their ancestors and family and will not be forgotten and they shall wander the land and be a reminder that we could change the planet, one soul at a time, we can make a difference and we can make the world a better place, by just believing in ourselves and not hating one another and coming together, only then will th two tigers look at each other and come together. they represent the path the world has chosen and are a reminder of what is to come if we don't make a difference!

We see a galaxy.....

we see a galaxy with much to tell us, a galaxy that makes us wonder, cherish, and inspired, it makes us go to the edge of the norm, it is for the dreamers and innovators of us, it makes us who we are and makes us never forget that we are very small and there is infinite life out there, waiting for us to see it, wondering the same about us, and when we are going to make contact. and the time is now! why not work towards it! work towards the ultimate goal, knowing that we are NOT ALONE!!

Warriors cats

I love them they are the best books I have ever read!!!Basicially they are about 4 clans of cats that live in the forest and surrounding areas. Rusty, a kittypet, gives up his comfy kittypet life and runs away into the forest and into the life of a warrior cat! It is an epic story that has me hooked! I am done with the first series of books and am starting on the first super edition book. I am also reading the first book of the second series and it is really good so far! Kitties FTW!!!! Here's the links to the wikipedia page and a link to the offical

I took a personality test on this one website and this is my warrior cat


You can be spiteful, but you are loved by all. Your friends help you every time, and your personality shines on everyone.


I like what I got I like her and she is very strong and just like me.